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Capillaroscopy Acquisition and Analysis

The CapiScope software and video frame grabber provides simple image acquisition and analysis of live video Capillaroscopy images or video recordings.

  • Single monitor operation. View live Capillaroscopy images on the computer monitor. No need for a separate video monitor.

  • Capture images and save to disc. Export images as bmp files for use in other applications.

  • Capture full frame rate video sequences direct to disk.

  • Calculate capillary density per mm2 for any rectangular region.

  • Calculate capillary length per mm2 for any rectangular region.

  • Measure photometric density for any rectangular region.
  • Automatic, accurate and consistant vessel diameter measurement.

  • Measure dimensions in pixels or user calibrated units.

  • Separate X and Y scaling for non-square video sources.

  • Simple transfer of dimension or result data to other Windows applications. Capillary velocity measurement option available.

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last updated 1/10/11