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CapiScope HVCS Handheld Video Capillaroscopy System

  • Includes high quality monochrome USB camera.
  • Simple single USB connection for video data and power.
  • Includes narrow band safe low voltage cold light epi-illumination for high contrast images.
  • Single Use plastic caps.
  • Range of interchangable lenses available for magnifications from 2x to 10x.
  • Strobed illumination reduces blood cell bluring.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • CapiScope capillaroscopy analysis software included.
  • Improved image quality and function replacement for Cytometrics OPS Cytoscan.
  • Improved image quality and function replacement for Microvision Microscan.

Click on images to play video clip.

sublingual. low mag lens.

sublingual. high mag lens.

lip. high mag lens.

nailfold. low mag lens.

nailfold. high mag lens.

Video compressed using the opensource xvid CODEC. ( www.xvid.org. )

Note that CapiScope records video in an uncompressed raw format. Compression used for these examples will have introduced artifacts.

Also note that the CapiScope movement correction is also not shown.

For some example avi video and bmp images, click here."

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